Simplified TOS

All ant sale

To ask for a refund, a refund paper must be delivered to the address found below this message. Please keep in mind that we require you to send the products back at your expense, we will not refund shipping prices as shipping costs are non-refundable. We will refund the value of the product. The value is dependant on if the product can be resold/in what condition it is. But if the product is flawed example acrylic has cracks or laser damage we will send a replacement free of cost. Even if it’s suspected that the product has a manufacturing mistake we still require you to send it back, so our team can analyze the issue and prevent it from reoccurring! By asking for a refund you automatically agree to these terms! Also, a live arrival guarantee covers 65% of the ant’s value or we can send you a different species / or the same species if we have them free of charge! If you choose to get a money refund you will get it in 14 days, or if you choose ant replacement we will send it next Monday! Please note that in a money refund only 65% of the ant’s value is refunded but in ant replacement, 100% of the ant value is covered! Also if try to buy ants outside of Europe from us you will only be sent empty test tubes, as sending ants outside of Europe is illegal. These orders are NON-REFUNDABLE as it is the customer’s mistake of not reading our terms! Thank you for reading!